Ballot Statement

I am honored to have served as your county supervisor for the past eight years. I am a graduate of UC Davis Law School and have served as a special assistant district attorney, counsel to the California Senate Judiciary Committee, chief counsel to the California Assembly Public Safety Committee, and as a public interest attorney. I was also a member of the Davis School Board.

I am currently the chair of the Board of Supervisors, chair of Yolo First 5, chair of the Children’s Alliance, chair of the Yolo Aging Commission, chair of the Yolo Conservancy, chair of the Delta Conservancy and a member of numerous committees that address the needs of our county.

I have worked hard to maintain a strong county budget, including substantial rainy day reserves, while promoting both public safety and vital services for children, seniors and others who need help. I have also fought for jobs and economic development.

One of Yolo County’s challenges has been to maintain our strong agricultural economy. I am working with farmers, landowners, and the state and federal government to assure that the state’s water and conservation projects are carried out in a fashion that is complimentary to the preservation of agricultural land and our farm economy. I was also instrumental in the enactment of Yolo County’s model farmland protection ordinance.

It is essential that children have the opportunity to thrive in our community. As the Board’s liaison to the Crisis Nursery, I have helped to provide a safe place for infants and young children when a family is in crisis. I have also worked to expand our foster care parent recruitment program and promoted more effective services for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. In the coming year, I will work to expand the availability of preschool for at-risk children.

One of my most important projects has been to make sure that our aging population has access to the programs and services they need in order to remain independent. I helped to establish and now chair the Healthy Aging Alliance, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the needs of seniors and provides a forum for collaboration on the many issues we will face as the proportion of seniors in Yolo County increases in coming years.

I respectfully request your vote so that I may continue to serve the needs of our district and the residents of Yolo County.